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This meeting’s topic is Health.

We all wish for Health, but do we achieve this wish?  Statistics show that people are living longer lives currently than in any time in the past, yet those same numbers show that men are dragging down the averages.  Formerly, women and men could be expected to live to a similar age, but today, statistics for men show a disturbing trend.  Here is an example:

Death rates in the USA per 100,000 per year for selected diseases by sex
The Journal of Men’s Health & Gender
(which I’ve ordered by descending ratio)

Disease Male Female Ratio
suicide 18.4 4.4 4.2
hiv 7.4 2.5 2.96
homicide 9.4 3.4 2.8
motor vehicle accident 22.1 9.6 2.3
trauma 51.5 23.5 2.2
liver 12.9 6.3 2.05
coronary 297.4 197.2 1.7
cancer 238.9 163.1 1.46
pulmonary 53.5 37.4 1.43
flu & pneumonia 27 19.9 1.36
diabetes 28.6 23 1.24
cerebrovascular accident 56.5 55.2 1.02
all causes 1013.7 715.2 1.4

It is significant that men beat women in all categories, and in some by a very wide margin.

  • What are the impediments we men have regarding our health?
  • What are your personal impediments?  How do you feel about approaching health matters?
  • What health challenges do you face, and are you facing them?
  • Do you maintain clear boundaries about health issues or do you practice a lot of damage control?
  • How do you imagine a healthy lifestyle?
  • Are there political, intellectual, or theoretical aspects to your thoughts about health?
  • What are your health goals for 2012?
  • Are there ways (accountability, checking in, encouragement, sponsorship) our group can assist you in your health goals?

I look forward to meeting.

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