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Things have calmed down a bit with the new addition to the family and we are going to start the men’s group meetings again.
The next meeting will be Monday 11/22, from 7:30-9:30.
The topic will be Mothers.
We already had a rich meeting focusing on fathers, so it is appropriate to include the other half.
We all have mothers, even if we never met her, we can be sure of someone carrying us in her womb for 9 months, of giving birth to us.  From this very early stage we all form a strong bond, or feel the need to form a bond with women, to connect in a deep reassuring way, to be held, loved, cared for.
We may outgrow it this desire and connection. We may set out from and maintain a distance from our mother and from women. We may look at our lives and see little connection between the relationship we have with our mother and that we seek with our partners. Others may look and see a strong echo or mirroring in who they are drawn to and who their mother is.
We may seek out partners who are nothing like mom, who give us things she never could, who treat us differently, to allow us to grow and become men. In our mothers we may have developed strong archetypes mirroring how she interacted with our fathers or other men in her life.
Questions which may stimulate thinking on the topic:
  • What is your relationship with your mother today?
  • In what ways has your mother influenced who you pick as a partner?
  • What are the things that bother you about your mother?
  • What influences in your behavior or beliefs come from your mother?
  • What memories are strongest for you about your mother?
I look forward to meeting with you

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