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With all of the various events in the Arab world, our recent partisan political debacles here in the USA, and a recent contact by another men’s group praising us for being a peer-led group, I thought it would be timely to talk about Leadership.

Male stereotypes are rich in leadership figures.  Do we feel the burden of and expectation of leadership?  Have you shouldered the of leadership of others in your life?  Does it energize you, or is it a burden?  Do you feel connected to those you lead, or alienated?  Do you feel you have natural gifts in this area or have you figured out a strategies to overcome a lack of natural talent?

  • Do you wish you could acquire more leadership qualities?  Do they elude your grasp?  What prevents you from exerting yourself as a leader?  How do you react to leadership?  Do you prefer to guide your own life without interference from leadership figures?  Do you have latent anarchistic tendencies?  Or do you crave the clear direction provided by leadership?
  • Have you had leaders in your life that you’ve admired or tried to emulate?  Or have you been the victim of unfair or irresponsible leadership, possibly still carrying a grudge?  What do you want from leadership?  What are the qualities of a perfect leader in your opinion?
  • Are there leadership issues in your relationship with family, friends, lovers, work, our group?
  • And finally, are you able to ‘self-lead’ – to lead your life where you want it to go instead of following your reactions and repeating the same steps over and over?
Look forward to meeting with you all.

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We will be meeting Monday, 2/14, from 7:30-9:30pm
Out topic will be work.
What you do with your time, energy and will is your work. For most of us our work is also what we do to get a paycheck, it’s our career, our day-job.  Our sense of identity is frequently tightly wound up in what we do for work. If we are lucky we find fulfillment and joy in our work. We find meaning, pride and ownership.  We may also struggle with work, feeling stuck, limited, or uninspired. Work may feel like a burden, something we “have to” do, rather than expression of love. We may struggle with what we do and who we feel we are, or the potential we are unable to release. Work may simply be a means to an end.  As men work is perhaps the most single important role definition we struggle with. It is culturally assigned and poorly modeled.
  • What does it mean to work? Are there positive or negative connotations for you?
  • How much of your identity is wrapped up in what you do for work? What other identities do you claim?
  • Is there work you do that isn’t how you make money? How is this different from your “day-job?”
  • What is holding your work back from being rewarding, meaningful and important?
  • If you have work you love, what is it that makes it this way?
  • Where did you learn to work? What values did you adopt around work?
I look forward to meeting with you

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