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“Leadership, I must fully admit, was provided primarily from women in the Senate,” McCain said after the bipartisan deal was announced.

Pryor said that people sometimes like to joke about women in leadership, but he is a huge fan of his female colleagues after watching them negotiate. “The truth is, women in the Senate is a good thing,” he said. “We’re all just glad they allowed us to tag along so we could see how it’s done.”

“The 20 women in the Senate have formed such strong friendships of trust, even though we come from different places, that I’m very hopeful as we go forward with Patty Murray, head of the Budget Committee, Barbara Mikulski, head of Appropriations,” Klobuchar said. “Those relationships are going to make a difference as we get into what matters, which is the long-term budget.”

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This meeting’s topic is Health.

We all wish for Health, but do we achieve this wish?  Statistics show that people are living longer lives currently than in any time in the past, yet those same numbers show that men are dragging down the averages.  Formerly, women and men could be expected to live to a similar age, but today, statistics for men show a disturbing trend.  Here is an example:

Death rates in the USA per 100,000 per year for selected diseases by sex
The Journal of Men’s Health & Gender
(which I’ve ordered by descending ratio)

Disease Male Female Ratio
suicide 18.4 4.4 4.2
hiv 7.4 2.5 2.96
homicide 9.4 3.4 2.8
motor vehicle accident 22.1 9.6 2.3
trauma 51.5 23.5 2.2
liver 12.9 6.3 2.05
coronary 297.4 197.2 1.7
cancer 238.9 163.1 1.46
pulmonary 53.5 37.4 1.43
flu & pneumonia 27 19.9 1.36
diabetes 28.6 23 1.24
cerebrovascular accident 56.5 55.2 1.02
all causes 1013.7 715.2 1.4

It is significant that men beat women in all categories, and in some by a very wide margin.

  • What are the impediments we men have regarding our health?
  • What are your personal impediments?  How do you feel about approaching health matters?
  • What health challenges do you face, and are you facing them?
  • Do you maintain clear boundaries about health issues or do you practice a lot of damage control?
  • How do you imagine a healthy lifestyle?
  • Are there political, intellectual, or theoretical aspects to your thoughts about health?
  • What are your health goals for 2012?
  • Are there ways (accountability, checking in, encouragement, sponsorship) our group can assist you in your health goals?

I look forward to meeting.

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Hello all, our next meeting will be on Monday June 6, 7:30-9:30.  The topic for the meeting will be Healthy Communication.

How we communicate can be crucial in the success or failure of our everyday relationships.  In the last meeting we expressed an interest in exploring all the different qualities of healthy and successful communication.  Here are some questions to think about:

What are qualities of a relationship where healthy communication is practiced?

How would you rate your own communication in relationships?

Are you the listener?  The talker?  Or do you have a good balance with both?

Are there tools one can use to practice proactive listening?

When someone you are close to confronts you and is mad or unhappy, what is the best way to communicate?  Does it automatically trigger anger or other strong negative emotions in you?  If so how do you manage your own feelings in that situation?

Society gives us the opportunity to communicate with mass amounts of people at the same time.  How do we manage an overflow of communication?

Are there tips for verbal and non-verbal communication?  ie., body language as a way to show you are interested in what the other person is saying.

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Dec 6, 2010 : SELF

Our next meeting will be on Monday, December 6th, 2010, from 7:30-9:30pm
The topic will be Self.
We strive from youth to find our self, to discover and unfold the essential-ness which is our individuality.  It is a lonely path to seek out and understand who am I. Why am I here? Why do I suffer? As close as we may feel with others we are ultimately alone in our experience of self. No one else can fully live in my feeling, to see the thoughts and imaginations which cross my mind. We may share,  but this is a meeting in the middle, a compromise rather a communion.
The journey of the self is a unique inscription on the fabric of the universe. Our striving and suffering a record of individual experience in the cosmos. Yet so much of the journey derives it’s meaning from interaction with others. It is in our loving, in our struggles and conflicts, in our partnerships, families, and communities where we learn the most about self.  It is here where we feel warmth, where we find out where we end and the other begins, where other individuals can act as unflinching mirrors for us to examine our selves. This paradox can stifle us, or empower us, we can run from it or embrace it, the struggle to understand self and to bring meaning to our life is working out this fundamental interaction.
  • What has been your journey of self? What are your first memories of self?
  • What characterizes your self today? What is the “story” of your self at this point?
  • What is the role of the other in your own self identity? Who is your “other”? How do they support or disrupt your search?
  • What are the roles you take on for your self? What are the roles assigned by others? In what ways has your self become free, independent of others?
  • How do you navigate between selfless and selfish? What is the right balance?
  • Where do you want or need to go? What is the path to self discovery still left to travel? What are your hopes, dreams, or fears?
I look forward to meeting with you

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We will be meeting on Monday, October 18th, from 7:30pm-9:30pm.
Our theme will be balance.
What does it mean to bring our lives into balance? When we get out of balance how do we recognize it, and do something about it? Modern life is full of strong forces that can pull us off our path, or away from our goals. Externally we are forced to juggle multiple roles; worker, partner, son, provider, perhaps father, boss or husband. Internally we struggle to mediate urges, needs, desires, fears, responsibility, freedom, sadness, guilt, joy, solitude and darkness. As participants in society we are bombarded with advertising, pacified by entertainment, bound by law, pressured by peers, and depended on by friends. With all of these pressing in and pulling on us it can difficult just figure out what balance is, let alone achieve it.
It is easy to get spun out of balance, even by the things we enjoy. We can find ourselves staying late at work finishing a project that has captured our imagination, or partying more than we should, or playing video games, or going to bed in the wee hours of the morning after surfing the internet.
  • What is your relationship to balance? Where do you have it? Where is it missing?
  • Who helps you maintain balance, who pulls you out of it?
  • Where are you struggling to find the right balance?
  • If you have achieved some measure of balance, what have you learned through this? What helped you get there?
  • Where do you feel balance isn’t the right answer, where you find the extreme more useful/productive/enjoyable?
I look forward to meeting with you

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