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LINK:  Why you might want a men’s group

You might want to keep building on the success that you are having right now! And you know that the people who are the best at what they do are always looking for another edge … another way to practice and get stronger.

You, like many men, may have had some hard knocks in the past couple of years … and now you’re trying to figure out what’s next.

You might want to stop taking your anger out on the people you love, or on strangers or on YOURSELF.

You might think that the world needs more good men.

You might want to be part of the solution to the epidemics of depression, violence, and isolation that impact men, women, and children.

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Why a group of veterans with PTSD allowed 60 Minutes cameras to record their gut-wrenching therapy sessions and air them on national television; then, Bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell objects to critics who say he fails to credit other people’s works; also, In an interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes, author Malcolm Gladwell critiques his bestselling book, “The Tipping Point”; and, On the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, former Secret Service agent Clint Hill remembers his emotional interview with Mike Wallace in 1975.



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This site is no longer being used by currently meeting men’s group, but I find that the site is regularly being browsed and men are contacting me regarding their interest in finding a group of their own.  Rather than remove this content, I intend to leave it up as an example of men meeting together and the topics they might discuss with each other.  If you are interested in starting your own men’ group or enriching a group in which you currently participate, I am happy to talk with you and share my experiences and what I know.

Personally, I searched for some years before finding a group that fit my personal needs.  My needs may be different from yours, or there may be some overlap.  I encourage everyman to seek what he feels will be personally fulfilling and not to ‘settle’ for the first thing he finds (or worse, decide that what he seeks does not exist).  There are a variety of large men’s groups in existences across the country – these help raise awareness of the needs of men in our modern society.  But ultimately, it is meeting with your own small group of guys, those who you’ve grown to trust, those who have demonstrated that they’ve ‘got your back’, those that have shared growth experiences with you, that will be your means of support and offer you opportunities to grow.

A men’s group need not exist with the boundaries of a larger organization.  It need not have a professional therapist guiding them men (this actually becomes something very different – useful to some, but different than what I am talking about).  Ideally, it should not have a ‘leader’ at all.  There are copious resources available to help you create your own group.  Members of a fledgeling group may come and go, may not always work out, but ultimately (hopefully) a core of men who are already following similar paths will emerge and should be sustained.  With regard to this journey, I am happy to give you my personal experience and the relayed experience of other men who are my mentors.

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