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This meeting’s topic was Health, but one of our men had a need to discuss something else, and we honored it.  We’ll postpone the topic of Health until next time (unless another need arises).

(We try to respond to what the men in the group need, rather than some sort of arbitrary objectives.  Our men need to know that we’re there when they need us.  We actually had a great meeting, with all the men contributing something of worth toward this man’s topic request.  We’re maturing as a group.  Cool.)

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This meeting’s suggested topic is Infidelity.

This has been suggested as a topic for our consideration and was recently a topic shared between our men at a recent meeting.  Clearly there are some of us who need to talk this out.  Lacking time to think hard on this topic and write a short essay, I provide the following interesting links* to other information:


* much of the information on the web is directed to victims of infidelity rather than a broader discussion.

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This week’s meeting is a little different than usual.

Ken Solin, the guy I’ve talked to you about, will be visiting the group to talk about his experience in starting/participating in a men’s group for the past 20 years.  More information about Ken can be found here and here (you might find some of the exchanges between the men in these videos seem familiar!)

Ken will be here to share his experience with groups like ours and to satisfy his curiosity about what we’re doing.  Aside from writing about this whole business, he is also interested in helping encourage groups of men coming together to talk about their issues.

We’ll plan on doing our breif check-in from all those in attendance and then move onto to sharing ideas about groups of men with Ken.

Please let me know if you plan to come.  Looking forward to meeting.

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