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Our topic will be Fathers (Father’s day is June 19th).

OK, so I started writing various bits to introduce this topic, which we’ve covered previously, trying to get a spin that did not sound too terribly much like Stefan’s previous, very eloquent piece.

Concurrently, I was researching an author of a book I recently acquired – John Lee, author of My Father’s Wedding.  I came across this short article he wrote entitled Healing the Father-Son Wound.  It encapsulated so much of this topic I thought I would let John’s words stand as an example of what many of us face in our relationships with our fathers (past or present).

  • Consider your own father story – where has it led you?
  • What claim/hold does it have on your life?
  • Where would you like it to lead?  How do you want your father-son story to end?

As always, looking forward to meeting with you guys.

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