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We will be meeting on Monday, December 20th, from 7:30-9:30pm
Our topic will be sexuality.
Sexuality is a complex issue. It is wrapped up with identity, power, satisfaction, desire, culture, the unconscious and even law. Sexuality is deeply personal, and yet requires connection with another. It is self expression, and yet it is negotiation, two individuals striving to meet their own needs and please the other. It is selfish and self-less.  It is also one of the few journeys that we must take on our own, we don’t learn sexuality from our parents or from teachers, we clumsily fumble our way through it with our peers, figuring out what is OK, what isn’t, what works and what doesn’t. Even in spaces where we can be open and discuss it, our experience is our own, always informed by our own desires and fetishes.
  • How have you come to terms with your own sexuality? What were the largest influences on your sexuality?
  • How have your partners shaped your desire? What have you learned? What would you still like to learn?
  • What is healthy sexuality? What does it look like? What is included? What is excluded?
  • How does power play into your sexuality? How does fetish?
  • What relationship dynamics work for you? What dynamics kill your desire?
  • Do you play the role of masculine of feminine in your relationships? How does this impact your desire?
  • What do you struggle with? What feels unexplored and unfulfilled?
I look forward to meeting with you

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Dec 6, 2010 : SELF

Our next meeting will be on Monday, December 6th, 2010, from 7:30-9:30pm
The topic will be Self.
We strive from youth to find our self, to discover and unfold the essential-ness which is our individuality.  It is a lonely path to seek out and understand who am I. Why am I here? Why do I suffer? As close as we may feel with others we are ultimately alone in our experience of self. No one else can fully live in my feeling, to see the thoughts and imaginations which cross my mind. We may share,  but this is a meeting in the middle, a compromise rather a communion.
The journey of the self is a unique inscription on the fabric of the universe. Our striving and suffering a record of individual experience in the cosmos. Yet so much of the journey derives it’s meaning from interaction with others. It is in our loving, in our struggles and conflicts, in our partnerships, families, and communities where we learn the most about self.  It is here where we feel warmth, where we find out where we end and the other begins, where other individuals can act as unflinching mirrors for us to examine our selves. This paradox can stifle us, or empower us, we can run from it or embrace it, the struggle to understand self and to bring meaning to our life is working out this fundamental interaction.
  • What has been your journey of self? What are your first memories of self?
  • What characterizes your self today? What is the “story” of your self at this point?
  • What is the role of the other in your own self identity? Who is your “other”? How do they support or disrupt your search?
  • What are the roles you take on for your self? What are the roles assigned by others? In what ways has your self become free, independent of others?
  • How do you navigate between selfless and selfish? What is the right balance?
  • Where do you want or need to go? What is the path to self discovery still left to travel? What are your hopes, dreams, or fears?
I look forward to meeting with you

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